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You Are Here: home unt libraries this dissertation. Showing of pages in this dissertation. Physical Description xi, pages : color illustrations. Mapped Search. Who People and organizations associated with either the creation of this dissertation or its content. Author Dew, SaraBeth. Place of Publication: Denton, Texas. Provided By UNT Libraries The UNT Libraries serve the university and community by providing access to physical and online collections, fostering information literacy, supporting academic research, and much, much more.

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Action research paper writing help

What Descriptive information to help identify this dissertation. Art -- Study and teaching Elementary -- Texas -- Denton. Folk art -- Study and teaching Elementary -- Texas -- Denton. Language English. Item Type Thesis or Dissertation. Collections This dissertation is part of the following collection of related materials. UNT Theses and Dissertations Theses and dissertations represent a wealth of scholarly and artistic content created by masters and doctoral students in the degree-seeking process.

About Browse this Collection. Digital Files image files available in multiple sizes 1 file. When Dates and time periods associated with this dissertation. Creation Date May Joy Mounter's First Educational Enquiry, How can I live my personal theory of education in the classroom to promote self reflection as a learner? November, Joy Mounter's Second Educational Enquiry, Language of learning to the language of educational responsibility.

Ed Harker's Educational Enquiry, How can I carry out Masters level educational research without abandoning my own educational values? Marie Huxtable's M. Educational Enquiry, How can I improve my practice through 'walking the talk' and 'dealing with doorsteps'?

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Patricia Kelly's M. Educational Enquiry, How do I understand my values of humanity in the classroom? Victoria Kennedy's M. Educational Enquiry, Why is inclusionality so important to me? Ticking the Inclusionality box. This takes time to download because of the images pdf.

Joelle Adams, How can I investigate the influence of 'identity' on student writing at the transition from foundation to honours degree level? Joy Mounter, If I want the children in my class to extend their thinking and develop their own values and learning theories, how can I show the development of their learning? How do I research this in my classroom? November Claire Formby, How can I research the difference my values make to the children I teach?


Ros Hurford, If the development of an emotionally literate classroom is fundamental to my own values and philosophy of education, how can I show the impact of it on the well-being and learning of the children I teach? Margaret White, How do I research the relationships that are created within my primary classroom? Tim Heath's Methods of Educational Enquiry account, How can I conduct a worthwhile enquiry into effective homework in my primary school? Kevin McDermott's Methods of Educational Enquiry account - under examination - submitted February , on - A Study of the ways in which Spirituality is understood by students in a Catholic school using two types of educational research.

Jayne Stillman's Methods of Educational Enquiry assignment on - How can I use what is within me and my influence and achievements in the arts at Westwood St Thomas school to interface my career progression as a County inspector for art? Submitted September , under examination. Karen Collins' Methods of Educational Enquiry Module: Plan of a small-scale enquiry linked to the development of a skills-based cross-curricular Citizenship based module for Able, Gifted and Talented students in Years , bearing in mind particularly the concepts of validity, reliability and triangulation and how they are related in this context.

Mark Potts' Methods of Educational Enquiry Module, submitted July , on - What methods of enquiry can I use to live out my democratic values more fully? Paul Falkus - How do I improve my support of learning and learners in my school as Head teacher?

American Fellowships Dissertation Fellowships Application Instructions: AAUW

Kate Kemp - 'All you need is love'-or is it? How can I contribute to creating an educational learning environment? Submitted May Joelle Adam's How do students learn to write in UK higher education and how does this influence my practice as a professional teacher of academic writing? Sally Cartwright on Understanding Learning and Learners.

University of Bath, MA unit. Claire Formby's Understanding Learning and Learner's assignment, As my understanding of the way children learn continually develops, how does this influence my everyday teaching? Joy Mounter's Understanding Learning and Learners assignment, Can children carry out action research about learning, creating their own learning theory? Hannah Moloney's How does my experience of children's learning in the classroom fit in with the wider concepts of 'intelligence', multiple intelligences and learning styles? Nina Clayton's Understanding Learning and Learners assignment, How does my planning affect the learning of the children in my class?

Ros Hurford's Understanding Learning and Learners assignment, How has my own development as a learner influenced the changes I have made in the way I teach, and how has this affected the learning of my pupils? Mark Potts' Understanding Learning and Learners assignment, How can I use my understanding of learners and learning to strengthen the Guidelines on Effective Learning used in my School? Under examination November A secondary Action Research module by Seb Bees html.

Elisabeth Grande's Master of Vocational Education Dissertation on 'From a closed mind to an open mind through an action research project. How do I improve my practice?

Time management in Participatory Action Research (PAR) dissertations

This qualitative study describes and analyzes the experience of Mexican immigrant women who live in the United States without government authorization and who have participated as volunteer outreach workers through a local community-based organization.

Specifically, I have sought to understand thei Relationships, caregiving and multiple sclerosis: gender and perceptions of care. This qualitative research study attempted to understand and unpack the caregiving experience in the illness of Multiple Sclerosis MS. Ten couples were interviewed separately and later as a dyad to discuss care, care responsibilities and support systems to see how gender influenced either the careg Exploring self-compassion with lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons.

Self-compassion is a construct involving three major components: self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness, which promote emotional balance, kindness to self and others, and building a community rooted in compassion. This chapter synthesizes the literature on self-compassion in an effort to pr College student suicide: prevention and intervention.

There is a lack of research on the literature concerning the policies and procedures higher education institutions and their employees utilize when responding to a student suicide attempt or suicide. Current research on college student suicide is limited for several reasons: a there are no federa Campus suicide intervnetion; Campus suicide prevention; Colllege student suicide; Higher education policies and procedures for students at-risk for suicide; Management and response to college student suicide attempt; Mental health on campus.

Factors affecting mental health service utilization among deployed military personnel. This study contrasts the characteristics of clients using military mental health services in deployed and nondeployed settings, the communications between their mental health providers and commanders, and the impact of mental health services on their military duties. The study explored the rates of Meta-analysis of empathy training programs for client populations. Empathy is a core component of human relationships and a cornerstone of effective interpersonal skills.

Low levels of empathy are associated with negative outcomes while high empathy contributes to prosocial behaviors.

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A large body of literature exists on empathy but as yet there is no comprehensive An exploratory study of the lived experience and contributing factors to blending stepfamilies - a dynamic systems and transformational learning theories approach. In the process of blending together, two single-parent family systems experience significant and unique challenges. Blending difficulties create barriers within the family system to relationship development and family functioning and without in academic, vocational and social arenas.

With one-third Attachment experiences of grandparent kinship caregivers and nonkinship foster parents with preschool-aged children in their care. This study explored the attachment relationships of grandparent kinship caregivers and nonkinship foster parents with preschool-aged children in their care.

Research suggests that attachment is crucial in early childhood relationships and can impact relationships throughout the lifespan.

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