Cranes white thesis paper

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  3. Red-crowned Crane (Grus japonensis) Fact Sheet: Bibliography & Resources

Tokyo: Wild Bird Society of Japan, pp.

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Google Scholar. Comparing areas of suitable habitats along traveled and possible shortest routes in migration of White-naped cranes in East Asia. Ibis , : — Guan H. Identification of potential stopover sites in China for migrating White-naped cranes by satellite imageries. MSc thesis, University of Tokyo.

Gunnar S. Competition and habitat selection in birds. Oikos , 1 2 : — Hilden O. Habitat selection in birds: A review. Annales Zoologici Fennici , 2 : 53— The migration routes and important rest-sites of cranes satellite tracked from south-central Russia. Disturbance to the oriental white stork Ciconia boyciana breeding in the wintering area. Zoological Research , 28 4 : — Jason J. Habitat selection studies in avian ecology: a critical review. The Auk , 2 : — Ji X, Du WG.

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The effects of thermal and hydric environments on hatching success, embryonic use of energy and hatchling traits in a colubrid snake, Elaphe carinata. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A , : — A comparative study on territories of White-naped crane and red-crowned crane.

Why do the white cranes get tagged?

Current Zoology , 44 1 : — Anti-predation vigilance of individual Tibetan eared pheasants temporarily separated from the flocks. Acta Zoologica Sinica , 50 1 : 32— A preliminary study on the egg temperature and female incubation behaviour in Houbara bustard population in Mulei Xinjiang. Zoological Research , 23 3 : — Influence of habitat variation, nest-site selection, and parental behavior on breeding success of Ruddy-capped nightingale thrushes in Chiapas, Mexico.

Status of Chinese cranes and their conservation strategies. Chinese Biodiversity , 8 2 : — Forage habitat selection of White-naped crane during its incubation period in Zhalong wetland.

Cranes white thesis paper -

Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology , 20 7 : — A review of studies on avian habitat selection. Arid Zone Research , 17 3 : 71— Effects of group size on vigilance behavior of wintering Common cranes. Zoological Research , 27 4 : — The temporal and spatial scales in animal habitat selection research.

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Red-crowned Crane (Grus japonensis) Fact Sheet: Bibliography & Resources

In The Monster , there is no lynching that occurs at any time, but the idea of it is very present. This assumes that if Henry were caught by the mob, they would probably lynch him.

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