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The redistricting was seen as favorable to the Democrats, even if one incumbent, Dave Loebsack, would have to move a few miles to stay in touch with his old constituents. Only one of four congressional districts were seen as truly competitive, giving Democrats the two safe seats and one probable, leaving one safe seat for the Republicans. Still, the redistricting map went through the state legislature unchallenged.

In the redistricting two of five incumbents, one from each party, were removed from their districts. Both relocated and followed their old voters to their respective new districts. Both won, proving that Iowa still is a truly purple state with only four remaining House representatives.

In the same redistricting process, boundaries for electoral districts for state legislature were redrawn, and 41 of legislators would have to move or face another incumbent in the coming election. Smith and John C. Their reluctance is understandable when facing the Iowa redistricting, as it adds randomness to the process, which leaves incumbents in the dark when it comes to their prospects for reelection.

It must also be noted that gerrymandering in itself is not illegal when used in non-racial context. Nor is gerrymandering necessarily damaging to the democratic process. Any redistricting may be said to be undemocratic, as it takes accountability out of the electoral process by sometimes removing incumbents from the judgment of their voters. There are, however, studies showing that gerrymandering produces a more democratic landscape than one without any redistricting. California has long been a battleground for gerrymanderers.

In California voted over a new election law that would restrict gerrymandering. What kind of democracy is that? Polls showed a majority in favor of election reform, both in California and Ohio, but voters in both states turned down propositions for amending the redistricting process. Since then, following public votes in and , California has appointed a member bipartisan commision with 5 Democrats, 5 Republicans and 4 tie-breaking party-neutral members who oversee the drawing of electoral maps.

There has been a movement towards a less partisan redistricting process in several states, but Iowa is still the only state to attempt to conduct all redistricting via a politically neutral body. Every state has its own method or procedure. The first option is that state legislature decides who gets to draw the lines, as they do in Texas. In only seven of 44 cases did a party that controlled redistricting not produce a partisan gerrymander. The second option is the state legislature choosing to appoint a commission to do the ground work and then leave it to the state assembly or the governor to pick the one they prefer.

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This commission may be partisan, filled with members of the majority party, or it may be bipartisan. Kubin in pleads the case for the third option, bipartisan commissions with a tie-breaking chairperson. Many states use a commission at some stage of congressional or state legislative redistricting, [39] but only a few use commissions for the entire congressional redistricting.

The rest reserve this privilege for the state legislation. Kubin argues that bipartisan commissions make financial sense, since such commissions have a litigation rate far below states with legislation-run redistricting.

Kubin shows no faith in the press or the public when it comes to policing the redistricting process. There are no weighty legislative issues, but only the issue of politics itself. The process becomes an unregulated, mad rush to failure. Monmonier also stresses the lowered risk of litigation as an argument for commissions. A simple, straightforward conclusion is hard to come by, simply because the matter is not straightforward. There is no guarantee that a solution which works in Iowa will work in Texas or North Carolina, and acknowledging this is one of the cornerstones of federalism.

The American federal experiment allows and encourages single states to test unique legislative approaches without letting their successes or failures obligate others. It may be doing the right ting, but those doing it run the risk of losing power. One may wish that politics was about doing the right thing, but politics is the means to an end, and for both politicians and voters there are plenty of ends important enough to justify living with an imperfect process.

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On top of that, there are several studies indicating that the better process not necessarily produces better results. All things considered, this makes the Iowa model hard to sell.

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    Finch has two daughters and an adopted son some of who were at one time his patients. At the age of twelve, Augusten engages in a romantic relationship with Neil Bookman who is thirty-three years old and is one of Dr. The Finches house is unconventional. Finch makes. Deidre continues to see Dr. Finch as a patient even though there is obviously no progress being made; it seems to actually get worse as the movie continues.

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    Running with Scissors Short Essay - Answer Key |

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