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  1. DVFS power management in HPC systems - Dialnet
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On cluster resource allocation for multiple parallel task graphs.

Observing the impact of multiple metrics and runtime adaptations on bsp process rescheduling. Reputation management in collaborative computing systems. Security and Communication Networks , On the performance of a dual-objective optimization model for workflow applications on grid platforms. Improving scalability of Bag-of-Tasks applications running on master—slave platforms.

ASGrid: autonomic management of hybrid sensor grid systems and applications. International Journal of Sensor Networks , Information Technology Journal , WWW Beaumont, O. Minimizing the stretch when scheduling flows of divisible requests. Journal of Scheduling , Benefits and Drawbacks of Redundant Batch Requests. Brokering strategies in computational grids using stochastic prediction models. A flexible architecture for job management in a grid environment. Journal of Communications , Application-adaptive resource scheduling in a computational grid.

A Boeres, C. An EasyGrid portal for scheduling system-aware applications on computational Grids. Heuristic scheduling for bag-of-tasks applications in combination with QoS in the computational grid. Multiround algorithms for scheduling divisible loads. Network modeling issues for grid application scheduling. International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science , Optimizing the steady-state throughput of scatter and reduce operations on heterogeneous platforms.

The virtual instrument: Support for grid-enabled mcell simulations. The international journal of high performance computing applications , Scheduling divisible workloads on heterogeneous platforms. Resource allocation strategies for guided parameter space searches. Applying scheduling and tuning to on-line parallel tomography. Scientific Programming , PhD thesis Kriti Bhargava.

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Waterford Institute of Technology , Franz Christian Heinrich. Barisits, Martin. Hybrid simulation models for data-intensive systems. Vienna University of Technology , WWW Riemann, Robert. WWW Lebre, Adrien.

DVFS power management in HPC systems - Dialnet

Energy consumption optimization of parallel applications with Iterations using CPU frequency scaling. WWW Kherbache, Vincent. Live-migrations scheduling of virtual machines. WWW Pastor, Jonathan. WWW Malik, Tania. University College Dublin , WWW Legrand, Arnaud.

New approaches to data access in large-scale distributed system. WWW Lopez, Florent.

Link Works

Task-based multifrontal QR solver for heterogeneous architectures. WWW Guthmuller, Marion. Model-driven software development for mapping of parallel algorithms to parallel computing platforms. WWW Simarro, J. Virtual infrastructures management techniques in multi-cloud environments. WWW Stanisic, Luka. WWW Markomanolis, Georgios. Performance Evaluation and Prediction of Parallel Applications. WWW Quinson, Martin. Computational Science of Computer Systems.

WWW Pop, Sorina. Lyon, INSA , WWW Quesnel, Flavien. WWW Hernane, Soumeya. Universidad de Zaragoza , Technical University of Ostrava , WWW Etchevers, Xavier.

Research paper on CPU scheduling algorithms 2017

Habilitation Thesis. WWW Toch, Lamiel. WWW Velho, Pedro. Monteil, Thierry. WWW Charrier, Ghislain. Scheduling and Dynamic Management of Applications over Grids. WWW Vanmechelen, Kurt. PhD Thesis. Universiteit Antwerpen Belgium , Efficient on-demand operations in large-scale infrastructures. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign , WWW Hunold, Sascha.

Doctoral thesis. University of Edinburgh , On scheduling for distributed heterogeneous platforms. WWW Vydyanathan, Nagavijayalakshmi. Locality conscious scheduling strategies for high performance data analysis applications. Ohio State University , Problem-centric scheduling for heterogeneous computing systems.

Introduction to CPU Scheduling

University of Sydney , WWW Anjum, Ashiq. University of the West of England, Bristol , WWW Forti, Alberto. DAG Scheduling for grid computing systems.

Projects that use SimGrid

University of Udine , Simbatch: an API for simulating and predicting the performance of parallel resources and batch systems. INRIA , Marchal, Loris. WWW Garonne, Vincent. In 17th International Conference on Smart City , Thermal aware scheduling on distributed computing water heaters. In Euro-Par Parallel Processing , Network-aware energy-efficient virtual machine management in distributed Cloud infrastructures with on-site photovoltaic production. Harnessing the geographical flexibility of distributed computing clouds for cooperative self-consumption.

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  • They use SimGrid;

WWW Sun, T. In Supercomputing , In Parallel Computing Technologies , Cooling energy integration in SimGrid. In NIPS , In Cluster , Fog computing through public-resource computing and storage.

A simple Class Diagrame :-

Analyzing the performance of volunteer computing for data intensive applications. WWW Chaix, F. In Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing , In Proceedings of the 48th Annual Simulation Symposium , WWW Wang, C. Communication models insights meet simulations. Elastic Management of Byzantine Faults.